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With a family history in the oil business and a vision for a more sustainable future, our partners at Gear Hugger set out to create an alternative to petroleum-based lubricants. They tapped us to create a new brand and bring it to market.


To disrupt a toxic category, we leveraged consumer insights to create (from scratch) and launch a new lifestyle brand using plant-powered innovation to transform the way we care for our gear. Gear Hugger extends the plant-based movement into homes and garages to help reduce waste and protect the planet.


The brand strategy propelled Gear Hugger sales on Amazon Launchpad over the first six months while generating awareness, winning awards and gaining interest from key distributors and retailers. We were selected as a NEXTY finalist by New Hope, are on the shortlist for Dieline awards, and secured placement in more than 1000 doors, with a pipeline to further expand distribution.

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