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Vision, Mission, Purpose • Brand Positioning • Packaging Design • Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Plan • Innovation Pipeline • Commercialization Support

As an upstart natural food company with a breakfast cereal brand, Kashi struggled to break out with mainstream consumers. We were part of the original crew that recognized the opportunity to create a natural lifestyle brand, appeal to a much broader target and extend across a variety of categories.


We created a strategy grounded in consumer barrier insights to invite mainstream prospects into our healthy journey. A series of innovations with functional enhancements superior to natural fringe and mainstream brands and supported by marketing and advertising enabled us to rapidly expand the brand. Kashi’s highest household penetration was over 30% during this growth period. 


We continued to play cross-functional roles leading marketing, sales and operations to launch Kashi into multiple categories, scale the business from $4MM to nearly $1B, and become part the Kellogg’s family of brands. When Kashi spun back out to the West coast we were engaged to re-establish the brand with consumers, help them become an employer-centric company and set up their return to growth - all starting with brand purpose.

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