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Brand Purpose and Positioning • Brand Name • Visual Identity • Logo and Packaging Design Organizational Design • Innovation Strategy • Innovation Pipeline and Validation

In the beginning, the first High Pressure Processing (HPP) baby food came to us in need of a brand name and design to set it apart in a category full of shelf-stable jars. We developed a positioning and identity to create an emotional connection with moms, and enable growth beyond the hard core health and wellness consumer. 


Years later, we helped the brand would realize their innovation vision with validated concepts that enabled Once Upon a Farm to expand beyond babies to toddlers and little kids. As an active advisor, we also helped the founding team, including John Foraker and Jennifer Garner, build an organization to support and drive rapid growth.


As of today, Once Upon a Farm has doubled their team, extended to 11,000 stores nationwide, raised an additional $52 million in funding, and is on track for distribution in 22,000 stores with a $100 million run rate and profitability. And best of all, the company has helped more children and families gain better access to quality food. 

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