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Brand Purpose and Positioning • Brand Name • Visual Identity • Packaging and Website Design

Go-to-Market Strategy • R&D Partnership • Fundraising 

Why choose between plant or animal when you can have both? While the world was gobbling up meat snacks and ‘plant-based’ was starting to trend, our partners envisioned a new food format that consciously combined some of the best stuff on Earth: regenerative plant and animal ingredients.


Our charge was to help this husband and wife team create a mission-driven business and brand 

to bring good things together for generations to come. Union was born as we delivered the strategic roadmap to give the brand life with products that combine plants + animals in new snackable formats, positioning that provides benefit to people + planet, and an identity that unites + ignites customers and consumers. 


Union committed to sourcing from regenerative ranchers and farmers and became a founding partner of The Savory Institute’s Land to Market program and they secured seed funding to make innovative charcuterie snacks that incorporate plant and animal ingredients and expand distribution across natural retailers across the country.

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