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Brand Purpose and Positioning • Brand Name • Visual Identity

Logo, Packaging and Website Design • Go-to-Market Strategy

R&D Partnership • Commercialization Support • Fundraising

When a company in Germany came to us with an energy drink made from the wasted byproduct of coffee production and the opportunity to set up a new company in the U.S., our cross-functional team created and launched a new product and purpose-driven brand. 


We translated this sustainability story into a brand that exists to infuse positive energy into the world with formulas and flavors to appeal to American taste and a strategy to stand out to consumers in the crowded ready-to-drink category.


After incubating the brand through its initial launch, Up to Good was able to attract strong leadership and raise capital for start-up production and a strategic rollout across D2C channels and key retailers.

Up to Good Pkg Design _edited.png
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